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Patient Led Research

The Patient Led Research Hub (PLRH) works in partnership with patient organisations to develop and co-produce their own research ideas. It was established in May 2015 by patients and members of the Cambridge Clinical Trials Unit from the University of Cambridge, and the Cambridge University Hospital NHS Foundation trust. 

The PLRH realise that patients have important research ideas about how best to improve quality of life, manage symptoms, offer existing treatments, or develop new interventions. Often these ideas differ from those prioritised by academia or the pharmaceutical industry.

Patient Led Research in Action!


One of the Research Advisory Group members felt just that.  An idea had been forming over time and inspired by a talk from a member of The Patient Led Research Hub, he decided to do something about it. The CLIMB team are now working with him, using both historical physical and mental health care data, collected in Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (CUH) to see if they can provide the answers. 


We will post updates here as this piece of Patient Led Research progresses.

PLRH Newsletter


The latest news from the PLRH is available in their newsletter.

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