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Project outputs


Free/open-source software licensed under the GNU GPL v3;;

CamCOPS image.JPG

CamCOPS: the Cambridge Cognitive and Psychiatric Assessment Kit

CamCOPS is an open-source application for capturing information relevant for cognitive and psychiatric assessment, on tablets, laptops, and desktops. It offers simple questionnaires and more complex tasks, and sends its data securely to your server.


CRATE (Clinical Records Anonymisation and Text Extraction)

CRATE takes identifiable clinical records and removes the identifiers to create a research database, such as the CPFT Research Database. It supports natural language processing (NLP), through which computers read text written by humans and extract information. It provides facilities for approved researchers to access de-identified data securely, and for people to be re-identified securely and contacted about research if that is what they wish. See the CRATE documentation and Cardinal (2017).

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