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What is CamCOPS?
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CamCOPS is an open-source application for capturing information relevant for cognitive and psychiatric assessment, on tablets, laptops, and desktops. It offers simple questionnaires and more complex tasks, and sends its data securely to your server. For detailed information visit the CamCOPS website.

CamCOPS is:

  • an application that runs on tablet devices including iPads, Android tablets, and desktop computers (Linux, Windows, iOS).

  • It offers many well-known questionnaires and more advanced tests relevant to cognitive and psychiatric assessment.

  • It is intended for clinical research by qualified professionals.

  • It offers structured and unstructured clinical record-keeping facilities.

  • It operates offline, so it can be used in places with no network reception.

  • It is compatible with UK NHS information security standards (though security is multifaceted and users will need to do extra things to meet these security requirements).

  • It periodically sends its data to a users's server which the user controls.

  • The server offers a web ‘front end’ (including printable task summaries, quantitative tracking information, and clinical summary views), a relational database ‘back end’ for powerful statistical analysis, and automatic export facilities including HL7- and file-based export of structured data or PDFs.


About the software:

  • It is open-source, so programmers can download and modify the source code and it’s very easy to add new tasks.

  • the client app is written using C++ using Qt, an open-source cross-platform framework.

  • The server is written in Python and will run on any suitably configured web server.


Features for patients:

  • Patients can enter information electronically in a convenient format on a mobile or desktop device.

  • Patients can see automatically calculated summary information.


Features for clinicians

  • Enter information electronically in a convenient format on a mobile or desktop device.

  • Lock a device so one patient can’t see another’s information.

  • Have summary scores automatically calculated for you.

  • Upload data to your institution when you have a network connection.

  • Find and view tasks on the CamCOPS server.

  • View tasks in a quick HTML format, or a printable PDF format.

  • Track numerical changes graphically over time.

  • View quick “clinical text view” summaries of pertinent information.


Additional features for researchers

  • All the features that assist the clinicians above also apply to researchers

  • View tasks with automatically calculated summary information.

  • Download detailed structured information in spreadsheet or database format.

  • View reports, including patient-finding queries.

  • A description of the database structure is built into the database itself (visible via XML or SQL comments).

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